Retirement Strategies– a different approach

CAPA Retirement Strategies offers financial advice independently, uncomplicated and uncluttered.

CAPA Retirement Strategies will incorporate your goals and objectives into an easy to understand Strategy Paper.

This Strategy Paper will set out the type of investments that best suit your objectives allowing you to use the managers and products that you are comfortable with.

We are here to assist if required and answer any product questions, but the choice of product can be yours to make.

If you require product recommendations, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide this service.  Our approach to product recommendations is to match products to your understanding of the investment markets.

This allows you to decide how you wish to spend your money.


Review Service – no locked in contracts

CAPA Retirement Strategies offer a review service on a as you need it basis.

Circumstances, goals and objectives change and require regular reviews and on occasion, refining.  It is our experience over the 30 years working in this industry that client’s requirements differ, particularly during retirement years.

You decide when you wish to review your situation.  That may be annually, bi-annually or more often.

These meetings will result in a Review Paper that will act as an extension of your Strategy Paper and ensure that your Goals and Objectives are being met and the strategy in place continues to be appropriate to your circumstances.